A Refined Point of View

Los Angeles: Olivia Lopez & Mathieu Lebreton

Design and travel writer Olivia Lopez has a lust for LA that keeps her continually seeking new places in the city. She shares this with her Parisian boyfriend Mathieu Lebreton as they explore the city’s hidden gems in the new Range Rover Evoque.


The 2020 Range Rover Evoque is all about refinement—it’s entirely redesigned, but immediately recognizable. Land Rover’s city-focused compact luxury SUV made its way to LA and we asked Olivia Lopez and Mathieu Lebreton to explore nuances of the city that are hidden in plain view. 

In LA some of the best design destinations are hidden in plain view and because of that you spend a lot of time driving and exploring the city to uncover some of those places that are not on the tourist road of LA.
— Olivia Lopez

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