A Refined Point of View

San Francisco: Nikk La

Nikk La says photography changed his life and now he’s inspired and humbled to use the medium to affect people’s lives and how they see the world. Shooting both nature and city life, Nikk values how perfectly the Range Rover Evoque tackles both.


The 2020 Range Rover Evoque is all about refinement—it’s entirely redesigned, but immediately recognizable. Land Rover’s city-focused compact luxury SUV made its way to San Francisco and we asked Nikk La to be the first to photograph it while exploring the balance of urban and outdoor life that city is known for. 

Finding new perspectives in San Francisco can be hard because places have been shot a million times so you need to take time to explore. The smallest detail can make the photograph—one new element makes it a whole new picture that you haven’t seen before. Those are the things I take time to wait and look for.
— Nikk La

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