A Refined Point of View

New York City: Joe & Maddie Greer

Joe and Maddie are relatively new to New York City, but they already call it home. Their aesthetic fits perfectly in the city—a future-forward attitude with a timeless chic tone—not unlike the new Range Rover Evoque.


The 2020 Range Rover Evoque is all about refinement—it’s entirely redesigned, but immediately recognizable. Land Rover’s city-focused compact luxury SUV made its way to NYC and we asked Joe and Maddie Greer to be the first to photograph it along with some of their favorite people and places. 

I think what’s cool about New York, being artists, is that we’re never going to be the best in the city at what we do. A motivating factor for us is that there’s people out there better at it, so let’s just go out and work hard and continue to refine our craft.
— Joe Greer

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